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do you feel embarrassed?

All your friends have grown taller than you.  Now, they have started making fun of your height.  You wish you could also gain few more inches to your height.  But, you have no idea how to do it.  

You have started following any and every advice that people are giving you to increase your height, you have started doing exercises, you have started stretching your legs and arms, you have also started hanging for hours from a bar.  But, nothing seems to be working for you.  You are not gaining any height.

The above is a typical situation that many teenagers find themselves into.  A short height is certainly a roadblock for self-confidence.  You lose out on many opportunities to outshine your peers even when you have equal caliber and competence.  You short height keeps bothering you 24×7 and cannot concentrate on your studies or day-to-day work.  You seem to lag behind others.  You start losing interest in everything around you and keeps on wishing to gain just a few centimeters to your height.



While the cells in human body affect the normal growth of height, other factors like environment, physical activities, diet pattern, nutrition, lifestyle and genetics can influence growth.

Growing taller is a natural biological process for every human being.  It is a general notion that if the parents are tall the children have to gain good height by the age of 18-20 years.

While this is partially true, but there are cases when even children of tall parents have stagnation in their physical growth.  

Children who are physically agile from young age often grow tall without any extra effort, whereas lethargic children do not gain height due to lack of physical activities which would help in development of cells and bones. 



Scientifically, the height in human being  increases till the age of 18 years and after that the it starts to lose its pace and stops to grow any further between 18 and 22 years.

So, if you are around 20, and wish to increase height, then you may have some chance – without taking help of harmful steroids and supplements, which have long-term side effects.

On the other hand, Ayurveda – India’s own 5000 years old medical science, can help you in attaining few centimeters to inches in your height. 

Our Ayurvedic therapy that includes, relevant physical exercises diet plans, lifestyle modifications, counselling and, medication can help the cells in your bones to  wake up and gradually add up to your height.

What Our happy Custumers say

Your height increasing course has been a boon to me. My height has increased from 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches also, my health has improved a lot and I cannot tell you how thankful I am to you. My patient id is 227662.

Sandeep Kumar, Mohali

Respected Doctor Uncle, I had taken a height gaining course a year ago and followed the instructions and as a result my height increased by 3 inches. Thank you for your assistance and please send me another course.

J. Bakshi, Jalandhar


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